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Thank you for applying to become a CMPI student fellow in the 2024/25 school year! Below, please find all questions from the online application, including contact information for you and at least one parent/guardian, information about your musical experience, and a few additional questions. NOTE: the application does not let you save a draft and come back later to submit, so please review these questions first to write your answers, and then copy/paste them when you’re ready to submit.

Please reach out to Project Manager Sarah Vander Ploeg at with any questions. We look forward to receiving your application!

Applicant Information

Applicant Name, Instrument, Date of Birth, Phone Number, Email, Mailing Address.

Please share how you identify: Black/African American; Latinx or Hispanic; South Asian; Southeast Asian; Native American/American Indian; Pacific Islander; East Asian; White/Caucasian; Mixed Race; Other. (If you select “Other”, please list the ethnicity/ethnicities with which you identify.)

Current Grade, Current School.

Parent/Guardian Information

Parent/Guardian Name, Relationship to Student, Mailing Address, Email, Mobile Phone, Work Phone.

If applicable: Parent/Guardian 2 Name, Relationship to Student, Mailing Address, Email, Mobile Phone, Work Phone.

Musical Experience

How many years have you been playing your instrument?

Do you play your instrument in a school program? (Yes/No) If yes, describe the school program.

If applicable: School Music Teacher, School Music Email Address

Do you take private lessons on your instrument? (Yes/No) If yes, how long have you had private lessons?

If applicable: Private Teacher Name, Email, Phone Number

Which of the following musical organizations are you now or have you been involved with in the past? (Choose from long list of organizations.)

Additional Questions

Why are you interested in auditioning for this program?

How did you learn about CMPI? (Band/orchestra teacher, Private teacher, Current CMPI student, CMPI staff member, CMPI marketing materials, Other)

Please tell us about any other music enrichment programs, orchestras, or ensembles in which you have participated.

Please tell us about any other musical experience you have

All done!