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CMPI fellows are spending their first 100 days of 2023 recording a snippet of regular practice to share their musical growth. Day in and day out, CMPI is there to support students on their journeys, but the program’s funding future is in jeopardy. Support our musical development by supporting CMPI’s Practice-a-Thon 2023!

Practice-a-thonThe mission of the Chicago Musical Pathways Initiative is to identify and develop gifted and motivated orchestral students from underrepresented backgrounds for acceptance into top-tier conservatory, college or university classical music programs in preparation for careers as professional musicians.

Hear from some of our fellows here:

Neena Agrawal, Violin and Viola

My name is Neena Agrawal, I am thirteen years old, and I play the violin and viola. I am participating in the CMPI Practice-a-Thon to help prepare for an audition I have in April that requires me to play three to four pieces. I recently started the third movement of Bruch’s G Minor Violin Concerto shortly after the New Year, and I have about 100 days to learn, memorize, and polish it. I am also preparing several movements from Bach’s Sonata No. 1 in G Minor, and von Weber’s Andante e Rondo Ongarese, which is a two-movement viola piece. Also, over these 100 days, I hope to improve my technique, specifically working on my bow hand, distinguishing between using my wrist and my fingers. I am also making sure that my left-hand position and posture are correct. I’ve been doing 100-day practice challenges since I was four, so that is not new to me, but this time I am trying to make more videos and focus on specific goals.

Eric Nickerson, Cello

EricAs I grow as a musician, I realize that there are many methods and techniques at our disposal to reach a finished product. This 100 days of practice, my goal is to correct many bad habits I’ve procured; recording myself helps to identify these problems. Here is an example video.


Student-supplied images and videos

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