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For the third year in a row, our friends at the Ravinia Festival welcomed us onto their lawn for an evening of music and community. We shared a picnic and were able to have an exclusive meet and greet with the soloist of the performance, cellist Alisa Weilerstein. This event is a special way for us to start the year strong each season and we are grateful to Ravinia for having us.

Here’s to a great year with CMPI! Read below as our community members personally share their impressions.

Eric Nickerson (CMPI fellow)

Ravinia is a very special place to me. I have made so many very important memories here. I think Ravinia is very important to my development as a classical cellist because I have the rare opportunity to see the CSO cello section whenever I want during the summer. I get to see perfect execution cello technique and a perfect example of how to play in a professional cello section. Ravinia has also created so many unforgettable memories for me since I saw my first orchestra concert here. I am so grateful.

Christian Poku (CMPI parent)

A great and family-friendly setting! It was a huge blessing to have good, cool weather on a calm day amidst the resounding joy of pleasant harmony of several strings. Thank you for a night to remember!

Lucia Fernandez (CMPI parent)

My favorite part of the Ravinia event was that they were kind to all the CMPI families. The menu was delicious, the Ravinia staff was friendly, and they offered us all we needed – chairs, water, and more. I have only great words for them, and how they assisted us there. Our experience as a family was fantastic. Thanks for supporting our young people who need to feel accompanied in the music way, and thanks to all CMPI staff too, because you always have time for getting us support.

David Roche (CMPI fellow)

I loved the Ravinia concert! It was so inspiring to meet other CMPI musicians and see the CSO perform live. My favorite part of the night was talking to everyone and learning about their lives and relationship to music.

Dhruv Moorthy (CMPI fellow)

I found the performance very thrilling and evocative. That was especially true for the Shostakovich, since it was such an emotional piece with a dark history behind it.


Ravinia fountain, hearing from guest artist Alisa Weilerstein, and CMPI picnic

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