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Equity Arc, formerly NIMAN, is an organization created to support young musicians from historically underrepresented backgrounds in classical music. The program brings together students from musical Pathway programs like CMPI and extends support by providing a Common Application for Summer Study as well as hosting their annual National Pathways Festival.

Equity Arc has partnered with 24 intensive summer music programs this year, and is offering a Common Application for Summer Study to simplify the application process. Equity Arc also covers the application fee for each eligible student. Eligibility for use of the common application requires the student to identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and/or people of color). The eligible student may apply directly on the Equity Arc website to access the common application for as many as 24 intensive summer study programs.

The summer study partners are compiled into two separate lists based on the orchestral repertoire requirements for each program. The student may use the same audition video to apply for each program on the appropriate list. Once the student completes one application, the answers will continue to auto fill, streamlining the application process. Each partner program has their own age requirements and deadline, so please apply accordingly. The partner programs have deadlines as early as 12/11/23 and as late as 5/24/24; some partner programs are accepting applications on a rolling deadline. A suggested excerpt list is also available on the website.

The National Pathways Festival, hosted by Equity Arc, will be held in Nashville, TN on April 6-8, 2024 in partnership with the Nashville Symphony. The annual festival unites talented students from Pathway programs across the country as part of their Annual Convening. Eligible students must participate in a music Pathway program and be nominated by the program. Excitement is brewing for this year’s upcoming festival as last year’s festival in Cincinnati Ohio was a grand success!

Congratulations to the CMPI Fellows who were selected and invited to the 2024 National Pathways Festival: Aki Santibanez, Violin; Andrei Nague, Violin; Fabrizio Milcent, Bassoon; Javier Irizarry, Violin; Na’ilah Shahid, Viola; Natalia Noriega, Trumpet; Neena Agrawal, Viola; and Paloma Furst Chavira, Violin.


2023 National Pathways Festival Orchestra and Equity Arc logo, both from the Equity Arc website

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