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Senior year of high school is always filled with lots of emotions — from excitement to utter fear — as students prepare for college, send in their applications, and get ready to transition to adulthood. It’s an overwhelming process for all seniors, but even more so for music majors, as they also must prepare for auditions. As senior fellow Anika Veda states, “I am feeling a little overwhelmed with all that I have to do.”

Anika has already begun the hard work of audition preparation. “As I have a lot of repertoire to work on and prescreening recordings are approaching, I am trying to be as structured and efficient as possible with my practice. I plan out what I’ll be working on in advance, making sure that I touch on all of my pieces and excerpts throughout the week, spending extra time on what needs the most work.”

For CMPI senior fellows, the process comes with an extra layer of assistance for those all-important college auditions. CMPI has a number of events this fall to help seniors tackle this often daunting process.

Beginning September 27 and 28, seniors will be able to participate in one of two studio classes. During these classes, senior fellows have the opportunity to try out some of their audition repertoire in front of their peers and CMPI staff.

Next up is a virtual college admissions event on October 5, open to both seniors and younger CMPI students, that provides general information about the college process from representatives of major music conservatories and universities. This year’s panel includes Northwestern, Juilliard, Rice, and Oberlin.

Finally, senior fellows are able to participate in a three-session college audition intensive October 27, November 1, and November 19. In the first session, students perform a mock audition for college faculty and receive individual feedback. The second session includes a discussion on audition strategies, tailored to the needs of the students based on their mock auditions. The final session provides another opportunity for a mock audition, allowing students to incorporate both the individual and group feedback they received.

As Anika says, “by pacing myself, keeping myself accountable, and not procrastinating, I think I will be able to get through the process with less stress.”

PHOTO: Senior Anika Veda at a CMPI Recital

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