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When asked what advice he would give to current CMPI students, alumnus Nando Cordeiro said, “Be organized and mindful.” After his final year of study, auditions, and decision making, he decided to stay close to home and make a good financial decision by attending DePaul University. He spent the summer before college studying to prepare for his classes as well, while also learning something new by diving into Jazz History and Theory study.

With the school year well underway, we took a moment to check in with our past CMPI students who have graduated the program and moved on to higher education in music. Nando Cordeiro graduated CMPI last year as a trumpet fellow, and is now a student of the DePaul School of Music. Speaking with Nando, it is clear that his passion for music has only grown, and that his work is just getting started.

At DePaul, Nando majors in composition, studying mainly with composer Fredrick Gifford. Although his major is in composition, he still finds the time to study the trumpet intensively by performing in the School of Music’s ensembles and taking private lessons with trumpet faculty members Paul Lowry, David Cohen, and Stephen Burns. He shared that much of his work as a composer right now involves a focus on developing technique and form. Nando has enjoyed the access to study scores in DePaul’s music library, offering him direct access to the great works of composers that have come before him!

Highlight of school so far: actual music!! He is enjoying the chance to take primarily music classes, with only one class to take outside of music this year.

Speaking to Nando is cool, his mindfulness and organization has clearly paid off, and we look forward to seeing where he goes with his music.


Above: Nando Cordeiro with pianist Beilin Han at a CMPI recital
Right: Nando Cordeiro

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