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by Sheena Nickerson

CMPI Fellows are expected to perform in two juries annually as part of the participation requirements. The technical jury evaluates the student’s technical ability by requiring the student to perform an etude, scale, and a solo piece without accompaniment. The technical jury consists of  a panel of professionals from the student’s instrument family. The performance jury evaluates the student performing a solo piece for a panel of professionals from mixed instrument families.

The student’s participation in the annual technical and performance juries help measure the student’s progress as well as providing an educational platform for success. As music juries are often a part of the examination process for music school, it is important for our fellows to have this experience and feel comfortable participating in juries prior to attending a music program.

Our students completed their technical juries this past fall and our spring performance juries are set to begin in April. Solo repertoire is chosen by the student and private teacher; an accompanist is provided by CMPI if the piece requires. Solo repertoire should not exceed 10 minutes. The evaluation and comments are sent to the student, parents, and private teacher for further evaluation.

It is important for the students to understand that a jury analysis of their performance is designed to help the student find effective methods to improve. It is never the intent to deter a student from enjoying their instrument; the jury’s only motive is to ensure that with every criticism given, there is a pathway to improvement and motivation for growth and development.  The jury’s findings also aid in establishing a required commitment from each student to practice efficiently, while focusing on the details provided to help them consistently play their instrument at a high level.

While all students are searching for their own personal development, juries give each student a fundamentally sound approach toward developing technique, and the confidence to perform on a professional level. Performance juries will be underway soon, and the students are encouraged to prepare well, arrive on time, and do your best!


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