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Chicago Musical Pathways Initiative programming has been underway for nearly two years. As a new organization, CMPI’s initial focus was on creating an infrastructure of support for our families. The results speak for themselves, as CMPI now boasts a roster of 28 family mentors who provide ongoing monthly support to our fellows and families as well as 54 highly qualified private teachers who oversee the musical growth of our fellows every week. In the 2020-21 school year, CMPI presented over 50 events (both virtual and in-person,) designed to educate our fellows and families about the possibilities and opportunities that exist within the field of classical music.

Equally important to creating systems of support for our fellows and families, we must take time to celebrate the fruits of our labors. On Saturday, June 19, at 7:00pm CT, we will hear stories from our community members.

You will hear from…

  • Andrei, a young violinist who took his first private lessons thanks to scholarship funding provided by CMPI.
  • Kailie, a young cellist who achieved her dream of attending Northwestern University with a combined $1.5 million in financial aid offers.
  • Olivia and Mike, a father and daughter who have found strength and solidarity in CMPI’s community.
  • Zachary and Denise about the roster of incredible musicians who have come to be a part of Zachary’s “village”.
  • Joseph Conyers and Xavier Foley—young professional musicians at the top of their field right now—discuss how participating in a program like CMPI in their youth opened the door to where they are today.
  • Throughout the evening, we will hear our fellows perform music written by composers of color.

We share these stories and performances to demonstrate what is possible when young, gifted musicians are supported and given opportunities to thrive. Your tax-deductible gift will enable musicians like Kailie, Olivia, Zachary and Andrei to fulfill their musical dreams. Any amount can and will make a difference.

You can RSVP to attend the Juneteenth Celebration and make a donation today, at

TOP: CMPI Program Director Adrienne Thompson, filming remakrs for the upcoming Juneteenth Celebration.

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