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New student navigator Emory Freeman tells us about CMPI’s curated – but also collaborative – winter playlist. 

Winter is the most beautiful time as the snow falls, the hot chocolate gets warmer, and the couch gets a little more comfortable. During my break I celebrated a family birthday, Christmas, went apartment hunting with a sibling, and moved to the Windy City. There were moments where I needed inspiration, or something to keep my head up high. I, too, found myself being overwhelmed and craving musical inspiration. There was a need for me to rely on music to boost my mood and help keep my mind clear from everything I was going through.

In the Spotify playlist below, I have included some of my favorite recordings that I lean on to help me stay motivated and help reach my goals. The playlist I have curated is collaborative, so if you have a Spotify account, I encourage you and kindly ask that you add some Winter-esque classical music recordings that you were listening to over your Winter break. I am so excited to see what everyone was listening to. If you need help accessing the Spotify link or adding a recording to the playlist, please reach out to me.

Now, find your favorite blanket, a mug filled with the warmest hot chocolate, and press play!

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