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My name is Eric Nickerson and I am an aspiring orchestral cellist. I have been playing the cello for eight years now and have loved every moment of it. I enjoy playing chess, watching sports and movies. My favorite films are the Lord of the Rings trilogy and I am also a big sports fan and go to sporting events all the time.

Eric NickersonI am a Junior in high school entering my second year as a cellist in the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra’s Concert Orchestra and third year in Homewood Flossmoor High School’s Viking Orchestra. My goal with CMPI is to get into a music school and continue my music education.

Prior to joining CMPI I really didn’t have any idea on how to take the next step. They provided me with guidance, mentors, and accountability. Without CMPI I would not be able to pursue my passion for classical music.

This past summer I attended the Fulton Summer Music Academy, a rigorous four-week all intensive training program for serious string and piano players. My time at Fulton was amazing. I went into this Academy thinking I was going to get discouraged due to the difficulty. The exact opposite happened. Fulton made me truly realize my passion for classical music, as well as teaching me how to practice efficiently, scheduling my time, setting attainable goals, and having confidence in my playing. Everyday I use what I’ve learned to make myself a better musician and overall a better person.

Part of that process is buying a higher level instrument. As I improve as a cellist I need an instrument that will grow with me. My current instrument is a rental and is very difficult to play. The buying process is very difficult and expensive beyond what our family can afford. CMPI has helped us set up a GoFundMe page accepting donations and has been essential to reaching my goals.

The road to becoming a professional musician is daunting, but with my diverse support system I’m confident I will succeed.


Eric Nickerson

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