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My name is Mahalia Hernandez, I am a 17-year-old violinist, and I am passionate about pursuing music in college and as a career.

I am a fellow of the Chicago Musical Pathways Initiative (CMPI), a member of the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra (CYSO), and the concertmaster for the Lincoln Park High School Chamber Orchestra.

My parents exposed me to classical music when I was a baby and I picked up the violin when I was four years old. In recent years, I’ve devoted myself to music and I’m currently under the direction of Mr. Davis King. In addition to pursuing a career as a violinist, I aspire to promote diversity, accessibility to classical music, and health through music.

Currently, I’m preparing for college auditions. It is crucial to acquire a quality violin to support my efforts in getting accepted at a reputable school of music. With that said, I am reaching out to you for financial support.

Please share or donate. Any amount of support is truly appreciated!


Mahalia Hernandez

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