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One of the many advantages of being a CMPI fellow is having access to a stipend specifically for instrument purchase. Here is a sampling of some of the instruments fellows have purchased with their instrument stipends over the last year.

Isabel Armenta - Marimba

Sebastien Huelke - Violin Strings and Bow

Miles Macklin - C Trumpet

I’m grateful for the opportunity of playing a C trumpet. One positive impact the C trumpet had on me was that it improved my range especially when I go back to play my Bb trumpet. I’ve also realized how bright the instrument sounds in comparison to my Bb trumpet, which has a much darker and warmer sound. I would like to thank CMPI for helping me purchase this C Trumpet. I’m excited to see how far it’ll take me!

Miles Macklin C trumpet

Sarah Morris - Clarinet

Mekhi Moses - Marimba

My name is Mekhi Moses. CMPI has assisted me with obtaining my new 4.3 octave Yamaha marimba. It sounds great and now I’m able to practice more repertoire. Thanks CMPI!

Mekhi Moses Yamaha 4.3 Marimba

As we reach the end of the Practice-A-Thon, now we think about the students’ other fundraising goals. To support another student instrument purchase today, consider donating to Jacob Cornejo as he buys a new flute! Find his GoFundMe page here.

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Isabel Armenta, Sebastien Huelke, Miles Macklin, Sarah Morris, and Mekhi Moses

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